The $10/Day Facebook Ad System That Gets You NEW CLIENTS

(AND Gets Your $10 Back)

Tired of giving half your money to Groupon and the constant struggle for new clients?

Here’s the step-by-step guide to getting new clients that last a lifetime using cheap Facebook ads that pay for themselves…

1. Identify your target market – Based on demographic information we determine your exact ideal prospect who is most likely to want and need your services in your local area.

2. Determine your offer – You MUST make a compelling offer. This is why Groupon is so successful. They make you an Offer You Can’t Refuse.

3. Run highly targeted Facebook ads presenting your special offer to your target market within your geographic area – More than any other online entity, Facebook offers laser-like targeting of your desired demographic market.

4. Drive these people to your website – Once people interested in your services click on your ad, we drive them to your website where we capture their information and sign them up for your great offer.

5. Set up a lead capture system on your website – 97% of all visitors leave a website within the first minute. By adding a lead capture system to your website, we easily double the number of leads we actually generate and convert into clients.

6. Capture the lead – First we capture your visitor’s email address so we get them in your database for follow up and future sales.

7. Convert them into a purchaser – We make your Can’t-Refuse-Offer to your website visitors so we convert them into new clients. We drive them to make a purchase right on your website and charge their credit card before they’ve even come into your office.

8. Upsell #1 – Now that they’ve made a purchase and they’re in buying mode, we make them another, higher-value offer. Generally, 20-30% of people will take this second offer, providing you with additional profits.

9. Upsell #2 – We make one final high-ticket offer to generate even more profits from your online lead conversation system.

10. Book the appointment – Once their purchase is finalized, we drive them to your online appointment setting app so they’ve charged their credit card and booked their appointment…All without having interacted with your staff.

11. Add them to your database – Once they’re in your database we continually market to them over and over again…For FREE. Marketing to your current and past clients is the best Return on Investment you can have in your business.

How much does this cost?

1. This system starts with a $10/Day Facebook ad campaign. As your campaign proves profitable, we scale up to bring you more and more new clients.

2. Monthly Management Fees:

No charge first month

$295 2nd month*

$395 3rd month*

$495 subsequent months*

*You only pay AFTER you’re making money. Period. The end.

This system allows you time to grow your online business so you can make a profit. As I stated previously, I don’t get paid until you do.

This gives me a high incentive to get you profitable as quickly as possible. I build you a working, profitable online sales system that fosters a long term relationship where we both profit for years to come.

Who else in internet marketing is willing to put their money where their mouth is?

The only way to find out is to call me now or click the button below to schedule a quick phone consultation to see how easy it is to get new patients starting next week…

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Trace Keasler

Pay-For-Performance Internet Marketing Strategist 

“I don’t get paid until you do”